Journey to Self Reliance

16th January 2019

[Jesuit Refugee Service and UNHCR

The urbanization of forced migration is a global phenomenon in cities worldwide. Nairobi is no exception. Some of Nairobi’s 50,000 refugees have been there for decades and consider it home; others believe they will one day return home or move elsewhere, but all are seeking opportunities in Nairobi to further their education, earn an income and prepare for their futures by taking the first steps toward self-reliance. In 2014, the Jesuit Refugee Service partnered with the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) to provide vocational and entrepreneurship training to more than 300 refugees who subsequently started their own enterprises, many of which employ local Kenyans. Scholarships were also awarded to 300 students at early childhood, secondary and university levels. When refugees flee their homes, they come to their new countries with valuable skills, education and perspectives. JRS believes programmes like this unleash their potential to push entire communities forward.

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Director: Sam Soko

Producer: Bramwel iro

Director Sam Soko  

Producer Bramwel Iro  

Cinematographer David Kariuki

Sound recordist Brian Munene 


Script Development