I Quit

24th August 2017

[Lightbox Africa

Shot during a weekend while competing for a coveted Rode Reel competition. I quit is the story of Joshua, who is looking for the best way words to leave employment. He questions his happiness and is looking for anything that can tip him over the edge. The film was submitted late but still provides an amazing story to share. Starring: Bruce Makau, Mellisa Kiplangat and Nick Njache

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Director: Sam Soko

Producer: Brian Munene

Director Sam Soko 

Producer Brian Munene 

Writer Martin Githinji and Sam Soko

Cinematographer Likarion Wainaina

Sound recordist  Edward Ahenda

Costume Designer Brian Irungu

Editor Monicah Mugo

Colorist Sam Soko

Post Audio Lightbox Africa


Concept and script development


Post production